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SEQAS provides many free community activities, such as Urban Observers, Dark Sky nights and away camps. Come on in and see the stars, planets, nebulae, and galaxies in the night sky. 

We can help you make the right decision when looking to buy a telescope or give you some guidance in using your telescope if you are having problems with handling it. Our members have many years of experience in the field of amateur astronomy and we would love to help you get the most out of this fascinating hobby. :)

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Feb. 16, 2021 | 19:30 Hopefully face-to-face in the library - Skype will also be available for those not wanting to attend in person. Attendance details at library still to be advised.


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Recent News

January 2021

Welcome to 2021 - first meeting of the year was held last Tuesday [19th Jan]. It was hoped that the meeting could have been in the library with upto 20 people in attendance, but the recent lockdown and introduction of some restrictions meant that numbers were capped again at 14, and masks were to be worn at all times whilst in attendance. As it was, a meeting was held via Skype with 13 in attendance. Hopefully next month we will be back in the library.

An observing session is planned for this coming Saturday 23rd January from about 5:00pm at the Bracken Ridge Reserve, Barrett St. - this will be open to all club members and members of the public with their own equipment or as a guest of a club member. There is to be no sharing of equipment on the night. Please check on the day before attending.

All copies of the Astronomy 2021 Handbook have now been sold - there is still one calendar available if anyone is interested.

Camp dates for the year are nearly finalised and will be made available shortly - so start dusting off that telescope and camera and planning a weekend getaway for some dark sky viewing.

December 2020

The Christmas breakup was held on the afternoon of Saturday 5th. Twenty two members attended and thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon which was the club's last activity for the year. Plenty of softdrinks, and a meal of chicken, cold meat and salad followed by plum pudding dessert.

A small number stayed in to the evening and were rewarded with some good viewing early on, but after about 8.00pm, conditions began to worsen and soon after 9.00pm it was decided to pack up.

Still, it was good to get together given the year that has been - hopefully things will start to get back to 'normal' in the new year.

Remember, first meeting will be on the 19th January at the library and numbers are still capped [at 20], so please advise a committee member if you planning to attend.

Have a safe and Merry Christmas and see you in the new year

November 2020

The Astronomy 2021 Handbook and Calendars are now available - for those who have requested either, they will be available at the next meeting Tuesday 17th November. Cost is $22 for the handbook and $12 for the calendar. Remember, numbers are still capped at 14 by the library so please advise the committee if you are planning to attend.

An observing session is planned for the evening 21st November at the Bracken Ridge Reserve, Barrett St - this will be open to all club members and members of the public with their own equipment or as a guest of a club member. There is to be no sharing of equipment.

Also, the club is planning to have a Christmas breakup and viewing evening 5th December - lookout for more details in the coming weeks.

October 2020

Face-to-face meetings are back at the library, this month on Tuesday 20th October. Numbers are currently capped at 14 by the library, please advise the committee each month, if you are planning to attend.

September 2020

In September, the club had a dark sky long weekend at Watts Bridge. The first two nights were so-so, with some viewing curtailed by clouds and hazy atmosphere, but those who hung in for the third night had an excellent observing and imaging session.

There has not been a resumption of public observing nights due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions.


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