School Nights

After a number of years of Covid restrictions and not being able to host School Nights, the club is looking forward to 2023 and the recommencement of this important aspect of our club. Dates are yet to be confirmed and will appear on the website once they are known.

For Members

  • School Field Nights to be advised as they are organised. Contact Julie on 0411 047 439 or
  • Members with telescopes are encouraged to attend. These nights are a means of fund raising for SEQAS and a source of new members.
  • In addition, these nights are recommended for members without telescopes or perhaps members considering buying one, to gain the opportunity of looking through a variety of instruments.
  • Often there is a spare telescope to be operated, so why not come along.
  • N.B. Possession of a Blue Card is necessary to volunteer at a school night. Please see Julie for details on how to apply for one (free for volunteers) through the club.

For Schools

The SEQAS school night program aims to provide the school community with the opportunity of observing the wonders of the night sky. This will be achieved through the use of the society members’ own telescopes and also club telescopes which include a Celestron 11 inch Schmidt-Cassegrain and a SkyWatcher 10 inch Dobsonian. We can also offer daytime observing sessions of the Sun through 3 dedicated Solar Telescopes.

SEQAS offers:

  • Viewing for all year levels P-12.
  • Programme can be tailored to suit a particular year level.
  • An introductory talk on the night sky.
  • Viewing through telescopes usually around first quarter moon to observe lunar features such as craters, seas and mountains; double stars; star clusters; galaxies; visible planets etc.
  • Optional simple star charts.
  • Optional curriculum – based worksheets which can be used in conjunction with the viewing night.
  • Viewing for up to 200 people (depending on the number of telescopes available).
  • Safe daytime viewing of the Sun through dedicated Solar Telescopes.


$5 Per Person
$10 Per Family

We recommend that the evening should last between 1 1/2 to 2 hours and as the evening is dependent on the weather, a back-up date should be considered.
See above for contact phone numbers.

Upcoming school events

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